Classes & Editorial Services

2022/23 Classes & Editorial Services

I am honored to say that in the past few years, I have worked with over 200 writers working on verse novels in progress, from teaching online classes to providing freelance editorial services.


I teach verse novel specific classes for The Highlights Foundation. I have taught ten verse novel classes for them with three more scheduled for this year. Check out my Plotting the Verse Novel class here. Check out the Image Systems mini class here. You can also email me at for more information.

I have also taught four verse novel specific classes for The Writing Barn. Please check their website for any future classes.


I work with verse novelists at every stage of drafting their verse novels. I take on a limited number of clients per year. I offer detailed line edits, developmental story suggestions, an individualized review guide and a follow up call or email. Please email me at for more details.


“Cordelia’s edit notes hit on so many problems that I knew in my gut needed to be fixed but that I couldn’t bring myself to change, her comments helped make this the story that it needed to be.”

–Aimee Lucido, author of Emmy in the Key of Code

“Thank you so much for your invaluable course materials and feedback as I worked on re-envisioning my manuscript. Your guidance helped me create a path through the thickets!”

–N.P., forthcoming verse novel with a Big Five publisher! 

“Cordelia’s kept my manuscript for about three to four weeks, and when
she returned it, I eagerly sat down to read her comments. Her critique was
incredibly thorough. She looked at the novel from a birds-eye view, commenting
on overall structure and pacing. Then she examined each poem, one at a time,
commenting on the structure of the poem and the lyricism of individual lines. She
looked at the image system of the novel, and made suggestions about how to
make it hang together better, and places I could increase tension. She also made
herself available to answer any questions I had about the review.
I feel so fortunate to have discovered Cordelia as an editor, and I will
definitely hire her again for help on my next project.”

–Author Cindy Jenson-Elliott 

“I have started and stopped numerous novels during my lifelong dream to write for young people.  I lacked the confidence and discipline to complete an entire manuscript.   I joined a few writing groups, but I needed more. Then the universe connected me to Cordelia Jensen and everything changed. Her expertise on verse and vignette novels energizes my writing spirit.  I always leave our writing conversations feeling both empowered and challenged because she gives feedback that is specific, clear, and actionable. She always starts by telling me what’s working and WHY it’s working.  That way I can replicate those techniques as I continue to write.

The questions she poses help me clarify plot and character and drive my revisions.  Because of Cordelia, I have a better understanding of story promise and the need to follow it through to the end of the story. With the guidance and encouragement of Cordelia, I am proud to say I have a completed manuscript.”

–Educator Benadette Lambert

“Cordelia has so many varied classes for verse novelists. From courses for beginners on how to draft verse novels to how to revise a finished one. There was even a free course for diverse writers which I applied to and got in just as I finished drafting my verse novel and was looking for ways to improve it. It was perfect timing and the perfect course for me – How To Revise Your Novel in Verse.

Cordelia’s classes had once-a-week live zoom meetings with a bit of homework given out the week before. We could submit our work and receive and give feedback on others’ work as well. I, not only got great tips to improve my work but also got a chance to see the works of others and it inspired me to try and be better. Cordelia discussed various popular verse novels at length and taught us by examples from the books. When I wasn’t comfortable talking at times, I messaged her about it. And she was amazing enough to accommodate me with my camera off whenever I wanted, or she passed me whenever I preferred not to talk in the live class. The classes were relaxed and everyone got a chance to ask or discuss anything they wanted to. The cherry on top was we could choose to keep the group even after the course was finished. I highly recommend everyone trying their hand at verse novels to attend Cordelia’s classes if they want their work to stand out.”

Newly Agented MG Author Ranjeeta Ramkumar

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